Waiting for You.

Living, dying, and the grey space between the two.

Waiting for You will premiere at Dances with Films Festival 18!

We are so excited to announce that we will be premiering our short, "Waiting for You" on our home turf in Los Angeles, California at the 18th annual Dances with Films Festival in Hollywood.  I got a chance to meet the team of DWF last Friday and I have to say they are quite amazing! They truly have the passion for supporting independent filmmaking at it's purest...no branding stereotypes at this festival. Their motto is " No Politics / No Stars / No Sh*t we believe in life liberty and pursuit of one's dreams." They really means this. They truly set up the festival like a community of filmmakers, starting with their filmmaker orientation where we spent a good hour or so meeting each filmmaker and their team individually. The support they offer from basic Q&A to publicity is invaluable and all communication is open.....something that truly helps to ease the stress for first timers like me, for sure.  Your heart can begin to race a bit when you start to think about your overwhelming To Do in front of you. If you haven't heard of Dances with Films check them out and if your in Los Angeles from May 28th to June &th come support the festival and definitely come see "Waiting for You" (show time and date TBD)